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Anjuna Newsletter August 2022

New to Confidential Computing?

Learn how enterprises use Confidential Computing to stay on track with their digital transformation goals in this comprehensive overview. Or check out our 3-minute Intro to Confidential Computing video.


Secure Innovation Requires Confidential Computing

As highly publicized data breaches become more rampant, a new IDC report highlights steps organizations can take to build a digital experience that focuses on enhancing and ensuring consumer trust. Learn why IDC believes Confidential Computing delivers data protection for digital transformation.

Financial Services Turn to Confidential Computing

With Banks needing the agility of the cloud but still hesitant about migrating —with good reason— putting sensitive data in the public cloud raises concerns over data privacy and governance. Is it possible for them to meet regulatory compliance standards without risking the privacy and integrity of their customer data? The answer is yes. Learn how this is possible through our recent financial services blog.


Telecom Case Study

A major European telecommunications provider had the vision to create the next Smart City. To achieve this, it needed to ensure confidentiality and data integrity for data producers to securely share private data with consumers. Understanding that Confidential Computing would help them achieve this goal, they sought Anjuna for a seamless implementation while eliminating development time.

Protecting K8’s on Azure Demo

Looking for a method to secure your Kubernetes pods in Azure? Our short 3-minute video explains how to securely run ML applications inside Kubernetes pods, protected by Intel® SGX. As a result, you can ensure your pods have no point of exposure to cloud providers or ML admins.


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