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Anjuna Newsletter July 2022

New to Confidential Computing?

Learn how enterprises are staying ahead of cloud security/privacy initiatives by reading our comprehensive Confidential Computing overview found here.

Recently Published: CSA Survey - Sensitive Data In The Cloud

In partnership with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Anjuna commissioned a survey to better understand the industry’s knowledge, attitude, and opinion regarding sensitive data in the cloud. The results have been remarkable! Learn about the different technologies regulated industries are using in the cloud by accessing our survey on the left.

Protecting Data In The Event Of A Breach

Are you curious to know how you can “protect your data even if you are breached”? We have come up with a short and comprehensive datasheet (2 pages) covering how CISOs can answer this widely coveted question. Click to find out the answer!

Ecosystem-driven Solution For Confidential Computing

In partnership with HashiCorp, RedHat, and Intel, we at Anjuna have published a technical white paper outlining a step-by-step guide organizations can utilize to instantly protect data in-use with Confidential Computing. Learn how you can begin protecting your software supply chain by clicking the image on the left.

Assuring Compliance by Default in the Public Cloud The Compliance & Ethics Blog

With the recent incorporation of Confidential Computing, Risk, Compliance, and Security professionals are beginning to reverse the long-time question of whether the public cloud can meet their requirements for keeping data secure and compliant. Learn how this technology is making CCPA, NY SHIELD, GDPR, and future regulations easier to implement.

Check out our webinar with Microsoft and Intel, covering Confidential Computing on Azure leveraging Intel® SGX and Anjuna Confidential Computing software. Click the image below to watch!

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