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Anjuna Newsletter September 2022

New to Confidential Computing?

Learn how enterprises use Confidential Computing to stay on track with their digital transformation goals in this comprehensive overview. Or check out our 3-minute Intro to Confidential Computing video.

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Confidential Computing Beats Homomorphic Encryption for Data Security

Though great in theory, Homomorphic Encryption simply isn't practical for implementation. In an article, Anjuna CEO Ayal Yogev explains how Confidential Computing offers a more pragmatic approach to complete data security.

TROPT Summit 2022 Fireside Chat
with Co-Founder Yan Michalevsky

In this fireside chat from the Rise of Privacy Tech Summit, Yan Michalevsky (Anjuna Co-founder & CTO) discusses the future of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs).


Anjuna for Blockchain

As industries from insurance, governments, manufacturing, energy and others quickly adopt blockchain, CTOs and CISOs realize this technology's inherent safeguards simply aren’t enough. Access our one-pager below to learn how our blockchain customers use Confidential Computing to satisfy their institutional partners' demands for a higher degree of security.

Anjuna for Banking

With the growing competition from FinTechs, institutional banks are feeling pressured more than ever to meet their digital transformation goals. Though cloud resources present a solution, uncertainty with security has inhibited this move. Learn how Anjuna has finally provided banks the confidence to move even their most sensitive data to the cloud.

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Satya Nadella: Sovereignty and Azure Confidential Computing


Satya Nadella announces the launch of the Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, a public cloud offering supporting the needs of data sovereignty for foreign governments using confidential VMs based on the latest AMD Gen 3 EPYC™ SEV-SNP CPUs and a public preview of Azure confidential ledger.

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