Confidential Cloud Implications for the Enterprise

Once data is created, no matter the safeguards in place, it’s going to get out. There’s a reason for that: Data is inherently insecure. It’s just a matter of time before it’s exposed. CISOs fight that reality every day at great cost.

But what if data was inherently secure by default? What if all data could be protected--from the time it’s created to the time it’s destroyed--giving you complete control over who, what, where, and why it’s used.

Here’s what would happen.

  • You could forget about those complex layers of system, network, storage, and application security products you’ve accumulated over the years, which would free up resources and save money.
  • You could stop worrying about insiders, hackers ,and other bad actors from accessing your data--even when your data flows to the cloud.
  • You could start thinking about migrating even your most sensitive applications and data into the cloud knowing they are much more secure.
  • Your business could now serve customers all over the world with secure IT reach that you never before thought was possible. 

That reality is actually here today. Secure Enclave technologies are now built right into CPUs, servers, and clouds from Intel, AMD, Amazon, Microsoft, and others. Even better, Secure Enclave technology is FREE.

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