Confidential Clouds. The Next Step in Cloud Computing

Shh. Don’t tell anyone. The latest news in cloud computing is confidentiality.

What is a confidential cloud?

A confidential cloud is an environment where the cloud provider, third parties, sys admins, and others can do their jobs, but can’t see your data and applications by default. 

The compute, storage, and networking resources in this environment are inaccessible to anyone by default.

This enables you to move all your applications, algorithms, and data to the cloud securely. In fact, with a confidential cloud, even the most sensitive data and apps are measuredly more secure than with on-premises dedicated hardware.

The confidential cloud is based on CPU chip-level secure enclave technology that provides features such as a hardware-root of trust, memory encryption, and memory isolation. Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves software leverages these capabilities to actually create the hardware-based secure enclaves and deliver the confidential cloud. Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves extend protections beyond memory into storage and networking, and they integrate with such other technologies as containers, Kubernetes, key managers, databases, etc.

Where are confidential cloud environments available?

Confidential cloud environments are now available from such providers as AWS and Azure. These environments are available across all geographies, even those considered data hostile because of government activities or legislation.

How can enterprises use a confidential cloud?

The confidential cloud is the next chapter in the cloud computing journey. It not only enables enterprises to safely migrate to the cloud and maintain complete control over their data and applications, it also opens new opportunities. One example is hosting multi-party applications that can leverage critical private information while guaranteeing privacy is maintained.

What could your organization do with the security of confidential clouds? Stay tuned as we explore this in further posts.



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