Secure Enclaves with AWS

AWS recently introduced Nitro Enclaves. This new integrated security capability allows you to build confidential clouds at no additional cost. 

Nitro Enclaves add isolated and encrypted compute environments within AWS cloud instances creating a secure enclave for your application to execute on Amazon’s proprietary Nitro hardware.

To realize the benefits of Nitro enclaves, enterprises must re-factor their applications into two parts and deploy two instances. 

Anjuna, eliminates rewrites and makes it quick and simple to implement AWS Nitro enclaves by moving your apps to a Nitro enclave in literally seconds. No SDKs, re-writes, or other process changes are required. Even better, Anjuna's software eliminates this need and extends security beyond the executing application and data-- to data at rest, and data in motion. 

Anjuna integrates your confidential secure applications and data with other AWS services such as AWS Key manager,  Kubernetes, attestation, and AWS Directory Service. 

AWS and Anjuna. This powerful combination means you can now confidently move even sensitive data and applications to the cloud today.

download secure enclaves for dummies

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