Secure Enclaves with Azure

The industry is buzzing about confidential clouds that protect your data and applications by default from insiders, service providers, other third parties, and hackers.

Microsoft Azure provides the components to create these clouds, starting with Confidential compute instances secured on servers with the Intel SGX technology.

Microsoft provides the necessary components. Anjuna makes it quick and simple to implement confidential clouds. VMware made virtualization simple. Anjuna does this for confidential clouds.

Anjuna’s software migrates your apps to Azure hardware secured confidential computing instances in literally seconds. No SDKs, re-writes, or other process changes.  The result is extended protection beyond data in use--to data at rest, and data in motion.

Anjuna also integrates your confidential secure app and data with other Azure services, such as:

  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Microsoft Azure Attestation
  • and Active Directory.

The combination of the Azure cloud and Anjuna software delivers a truly confidential cloud that puts you in control of your data--protecting your data from everyone by default.

Anjuna and Azure make this the right time to move your sensitive data and apps to Azure now.

download secure enclaves for dummies

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