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The Next Big Thing: Data Secure by Default with Secure Enclaves


Since the dawn of data, keeping information secure has been a challenge and a source of anxiety for everyone. 

There’s a good reason for that.  Data is fundamentally exposed everywhere it is used. Over time, more and more data has moved to memory and cache--making this problem bigger and bigger. Today businesses accept the restrictions needed to maintain data security and safeguard privacy.

But what if data could be so secure it could be leveraged anywhere, without being seen or accessed by anyone?  Your business would grow faster, your customers would be safer, and you would spend a lot less money on extra security. Even better, you would sleep at night knowing that wherever your data goes, it’s secure. 

Secure enclaves deliver that security. They give you complete control over private data from creation to use and finally to disposal. 

The great news is Secure Enclaves are now supported by every major cloud, operating system, server, and CPU vendor. These vendors integrate these capabilities--meaning it doesn’t cost more for you to take advantage of this heightened level of security.

That’s one reason why CISOs have started calling Secure Enterprise Enclaves The Next Big Thing.

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