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AWS Users: Now you can have it all—

the power of the cloud and absolute data security.


Until now, computing in the public cloud has meant loss of control and risk of data exposure. But now there’s a way to take security to the next level.

The Confidential Cloud is arguably the safest place for companies to compute and store data anywhere—even the most sensitive applications and workloads.

Learn how AWS customers can run applications even more securely with the combination of Anjuna Confidential Cloud software and AWS Nitro Enclaves.


Read this white paper to learn how to:

  • Quickly adopt Confidential Clouds on AWS Nitro Enclaves to reduce security threats to your organization.
  • Leverage Anjuna confidential cloud software to easily secure all your applications with hardware-grade security.
  • Start with a low-risk move to a confidential cloud, then maximize impact and scale.
  • Choose a strong partner like Anjuna to provide the right resources and support.