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Anjuna Confidential Computing Software

Complete data security and privacy in any environment.

In this interview from RSAC 2022, Terry Sweeny from Dark Reading and Anjuna Security CEO and co-founder Ayal Yogev discuss pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity with a new technology: Confidential Computing. Learn about how Confidential Computing isolates data from attacks, to secure data, users, and organizations.



Cloud computing brings opportunities and risks that privacy and security professionals work daily on managing. Sensitive data and workloads are attractive targets for anyone with access to data in the public cloud.

With the emergence of Confidential Computing technologies, Anjuna's Confidential Computing software makes it easy to create secure private environments built on public cloud infrastructure from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Intel, AMD, and others.

Now, enterprises can ensure trust by securing sensitive workloads on any cloud, anywhere.

Anjuna Confidential Cloud Software

Israel Ministry of Defense adopts Anjuna Confidential Computing Software

Anjuna Case Study 2.17.22

The Anjuna Confidential Computing Software Platform

All major cloud providers now deliver the powerful hardware-grade security services every enterprise requires to maintain the highest level of security.  Anjuna's software extends these Confidential Computing technologies to create private environments that protect sensitive applications and data from unauthorized insiders, bad actors, and malicious processes--even from a physical machine breach.

Any Application

Protect databases, keys, machine learning, multi-party compute, PII--even legacy applications. Anjuna Confidential Computing software virtually eliminates the attack surface, reduces vulnerabilities, and makes the cloud the safest place for all your solutions—even safer than onsite data centers.

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Any Cloud

Anjuna Confidential Computing software is enterprise-ready to secure and scale over private, multi-cloud, and cloud-native Kubernetes-based environments. 



The strong, impenetrable protection of the Anjuna Confidential Computing software automatically extends everywhere workloads and data are processed, stored, and networked.

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See how simple it is to stay secure.

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