Anjuna Confidential CloudTM for AWS Nitro Enclaves

...with Anjuna Confidential Cloud software for AWS Nitro Enclaves

AWS Nitro Enclaves provide a powerful secure cloud computing solution that enables organizations to process highly sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), healthcare, financial, and intellectual property within Amazon EC2 cloud instances.

Anjuna software makes enterprise deployments of Nitro Enclaves quick, simple, and enterprise-ready. Existing packaged and custom applications run as-is; no costly re-coding or IT process changes are necessary. Enterprise features smoothly integrate both Anjuna software and AWS Nitro Enclaves into IT operations management, providing enterprises the fastest and most efficient path to secure cloud computing.

Anjuna and AWS partnered closely to design Anjuna Confidential Cloud software to be the simplest and most secure solution available. Learn more.



ALL AWS Data and Workloads Secured by Default.

With Anjuna Confidential Cloud software, data is secure by default. Anjuna software automatically moves any application into a Nitro Enclave and extends data protection beyond CPU and memory to encrypt EC2 storage and network communications.

AWS Nitro Enclaves with Anjuna

Anjuna Software: the quick, simple, and secure way to migrate applications to AWS.

Anjuna makes enterprise implementation of Nitro Enclaves quick and simple for general purpose applications, as well as secure computation. No re-coding or changing processes necessary. Plus Anjuna Confidential Cloud Software include the functionality that enterprises need.

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