Anjuna Solutions for Business Transformation

Anjuna enables organizations to secure critical workloads, develop trusted products, and unblock modernization initiatives.

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Financial Services

Cloud-based solutions are essential to modern financial institutions, but data security and privacy concerns often hold initiatives back. Anjuna instantly eliminates a myriad of threats to make the cloud the safest place to run sensitive workloads.

  • Offload mainframes to the cloud to reduce costs.
  • Securely process PII data inside the safety of the end-to-end encrypted Anjuna Confidential Runtime.
  • Analyze customer data with cloud tools to gain valuable insights.
  • Avoid cloud vendor lock-ins with Anjuna’s multi-cloud platform.

Take the next step in cloud transformation, unlock the full potential of your financial services, and drive innovation in the industry.

"With Anjuna, we were not only able to move to the cloud while protecting customer data, but we could also do it in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the operating costs. An absolute game-changer that helped us stay on top of our cloud-first mandate."
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Software Providers

Protecting customer data is crucial for software providers, but implementing stronger security and privacy can feel like a wild goose chase. With Anjuna's confidential computing technology, you can enhance your products at their core and eliminate the risk of data exposure to both insiders and external threats.

  • Build a privacy-enhanced version of your product inside secure enclaves without re-coding.
  • Provide your customers assurance that you can't access their data thanks to Anjuna Always-on Encryption.
  • Simplify compliance with privacy regulations.

Stay ahead of the competition by building inherently secure products without the heavy lifting of refactoring code.

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Blockchain & Web3

Blockchain-based businesses need to protect their digital assets, accounts, private keys, and infrastructure from financially motivated threats. Anjuna provides a secure and trusted environment that safeguards sensitive data and code from external attackers and insider threats.

  • Protect validator nodes inside secure enclaves to guarantee data privacy.
  • Eliminate the risk of exposing private keys using the attestation-aware Anjuna Policy Manager.
  • Verify the authenticity of blockchain infrastructure components using Anjuna Always-on Trust.

Elevate the security of your blockchain infrastructure to build trustworthy decentralized services.

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Cybersecurity threats and restrictions on data sharing and analysis pose ongoing challenges for government agencies. Anjuna can help by creating a secure and trusted execution environment (TEE) that enables agencies to operate with sensitive data and share it securely.

  • Ensure protection of citizen information and classified data, even in the event of a breach.
  • Build confidential MPC clean rooms to enable secure data sharing, analysis, and collaboration across agencies.
  • Leverage cloud services while ensuring the highest level of security and privacy.
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations and geographic requirements by providing auditable environments.

Guarantee data security and privacy, streamline data sharing and analysis, and comply with regulatory requirements.

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