Secure your keys and
applications in the cloud

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The Missing Piece

Infrastructure has changed drastically over the past decade, leaving data scattered across the cloud and remote storage, organizational servers and user's laptops. Security has barely caught-up. Our solution provides complete protection for key-management, in-memory databases, sensitive cloud workloads, microservices and more.

Protecting our key management applications is our biggest challenge both on premise and in public clouds. HSMs are not flexible enough to protect secondary keys, which leaves these keys exposed to memory attacks.
— CISO, Large enterprise tech company

The missing piece in data security: Data in use protection


At Rest

File and storage encryption takes care of protecting data at-rest.


In Transit

TLS and encrypted communication take care of protecting data in-transit.



In Use

Data is unprotected when being processed or used in memory. We solve this problem, using newly available memory encryption technologies.