Enterprise Data and Cloud Security Simplified.

Secure enclaves protect applications and their data with hardware-grade encryption:
at runtime, at rest, and on the network.

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Secure Enclaves:
Simple Hardware-Grade Protection

Secure enclaves provide CPU hardware-level encryption on every server, isolating application code and data from privileged users by automatically encrypting memory. Implementing enclaves is time-consuming and difficult. Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves simplify implementations and extend enclaves to encrypt both storage and network data for comprehensive full stack security.

In seconds, Anjuna automatically establishes a secure enclave that isolates and encrypts all applications and data in runtime, at rest, and on the network--to achieve the strongest full stack protection available. No changes to the application code, recompilation, or SDKs are required.


Prevent, Don’t Detect, Insider Leaks

Stop detecting leaks after-the-fact. Protect your data and applications before an incursion occurs. Within seconds, Anjuna’s Enterprise Enclaves automatically establish a secure enclave that isolates and encrypts all application resources from insiders, third parties, cloud providers, and others.

Secure Enclaves – The New Security Standard Supported by Every Vendor

Secure enclave technology support is being built into every server, public cloud, container, virtualized machine, and more.  Every major IT vendor is supporting enclaves. Learn how to take advantage of secure enclaves here.


Anjuna Makes Enclaves Easy

Anjuna’s “lift and shift” approach secures applications and data quickly and easily. No rewriting applications, recompilation, SDKs, or changes to operating processes required.