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Hardware-grade protection for data, applications, and workloads—virtually eliminating data insecurity.


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Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves:
Hardware-Grade Data Security Made Simple

Today’s CPUs and clouds are equipped with powerful features that enable the creation of secure enclaves—Isolated and encrypted compute environments cryptographically cloaked from IT insiders and bad actors.

Deployed in seconds, Anjuna enclaved-applications and data instantly gain the strongest data protection available. No changes to IT operations, application code, or SDKs required.


Eliminate Insider Over-Exposure and Data Leaks Everywhere

Enclaved data and applications are completely protected from even privileged or root users by hardware-grade encryption and memory isolation. This powerful, hardware-level zero-trust protection prevents the possibility of a data leak or exposure—even in the event of a physical breach of the host system.

Secure Enclaves – A Security Standard with Universal Support

Secure enclaves are supported by every major cloud and hardware provider, including Intel, AMD, Amazon AWS, and Azure—and Anjuna supports them all. Enclaved applications, including packaged and custom solutions, run and scale securely and seamlessly over any cloud infrastructure.

Anjuna assures applications operate independently of their infrastructure, greatly simplifying operations while locking down data security.

Learn how to take advantage of secure enclaves here.


Anjuna Makes Enclaves Easy for the Enterprise

Anjuna’s “lift and shift” approach secures applications and data quickly and easily. No rewriting applications, recompilation, SDKs, or changes to operating processes required.

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What Should CISOs Know About Secure Enclaves?

In this recent report, 451 Research explores how enterprises can simply implement hardware-grade data security, identifies key vendors, and details how to take full advantage of this technology.


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