Secure AI

Embrace Secure and Trustworthy AI Innovation

Anjuna Seaglass is ushering in a new era where data and code security and AI innovation go hand in hand. Unlock the true potential of AI without compromising on data privacy and security with an ironclad Confidential Computing solution.

Secure AI

SaaS provider protects AI-powered IP while ensuring customer data privacy

SmartCorp, a top SaaS provider with a powerful AI model, faced a common dilemma: customers wanted its services, but hesitated due to data security concerns. Sending sensitive customer data to SmartCorp's servers risked insider access, hindering valuable collaborations. At the same time, SmartCorps AI models represented significant investment, and they were concerned about protecting it. To grow revenues with demanding and highly regulated customers, it needed a way to solve both challenges simultaneously.

Enter [.color-green]Anjuna Seaglass[.color-green], securing SmartCorp's AI model and code inside secure enclaves. By leveraging Confidential Computing, SmartCorp empowers customers to self-host the SmartCorp app without jeopardizing their valuable AI-powered IP.  Anjuna Seaglass facilitates worry-free collaboration, which allows SmartCorp to acquire new customers through secure, seamless interactions without the need for system rewrites or exhaustive compliance audits. Anjuna Seaglass transforms prior security barriers and data or code exposure risk leading to blocked AI initiatives into opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and partnership.

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Anjuna Seaglass Unlocks Secure AI Development

Enterprises are looking to adopt artificial intelligence (AI), but the regulatory and reputational risk of a data breach remains high. According to [.color-green]Gartner[.color-green], 41% of organizations have experienced an AI privacy breach, and 50%+ of those occurred through an internal party. Meanwhile, traditional security controls impair or prevent productive work entirely. 

[.color-green]Anjuna Seaglass[.color-green] makes it easy to implement Secure AI, using trusted execution environments to provide hardware-level isolation, confidentiality, and integrity protection for sensitive data and ML models. This creates a fortress for your most valuable IP and enables an agile and successful AI strategy.

Top Benefits of Anjuna Seaglass for Secure AI

Full-Fidelity Insights

Gain comprehensive insights into your data without resorting to masking or synthetic data. Anjuna Seaglass ensures full-fidelity insights, eliminating the need for obfuscation techniques and mitigating risks from biased data distributions.

Customer Trust via Insider Lockout

Build customer trust by protecting data against insider threats. Anjuna Seaglass ensures data-driven decisions happen with integrity, preventing unauthorized access while enabling state-of-the-art ML.

Secure Collaboration and Monetization

Foster secure collaboration through confidential data clean rooms, maintaining strict access controls. Anjuna Seaglass enables you to provide access to private training datasets and pre-trained ML models, enabling new secure monetization strategies.

Compliance Made Simple

Simplify compliance with security, privacy, and data sovereignty regulations. Anjuna Seaglass ensures that your AI strategy adheres to regulatory standards, providing a secure foundation for your data-driven initiatives.

What the AI Executive Order Means

The recent [.color-green]US Executive Order[.color-green] and [.color-green]EU AI Act[.color-green] underscore the criticality of preserving privacy, data integrity, and security to enable safe and responsible AI development and use. As AI continues to grow and evolve, the need for Confidential Computing to enable robust protective measures becomes imperative.

Protect individuals' privacy

Enables AI training without compromising privacy by processing confidentially on encrypted data. responsibly collected data is processed with the highest levels of protection.

Advance equity and civil rights

Contributes to unbiased AI development through unique remote attestation capabilities that guarantee code integrity. This fosters AI systems free from discriminatory practices.

Promote innovation and competition

Enables secure data and model sharing, fostering an environment for AI innovation without compromising privacy. This promotes fair competition and a vibrant AI ecosystem.

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Secure AI

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