Anjuna Seaglass Anjuna Seaglass

Unveiling the Essence of Universal Confidential Computing

Imagine Seaglass, those sea-weathered glass pieces that wash to shores as frosted, smooth rock-like formations. Often collected for their beauty and repurposed in jewelry, they embody a timeless charm forged by the transformative forces of the ocean. That is the new identity of our Universal Confidential Computing Platform: Anjuna Seaglass™.

A universal connective thread

We believe there is a captivating connection between the name of our company, the name of our platform, and the nature of our technology. From the renowned Anjuna beach in Goa, India (from where we drew inspiration for our company name), to the sand on its shores, and from the broken pieces of glass that transform into beautiful seaglass pebbles, to the inner workings of chips within cloud computing servers, there is powerful metaphoric fabric woven by the unifying thread of silicon dioxide, echoing the essence of our flexible and scalable Universal Confidential Computing Platform.

A story of foundational transformation

Now picture the ocean, a foundational, universal body, weathering previously-fragile fragments of glass to craft resilient seaglass. It's a story of transformation, much like our universal platform's ability to fortify our customers’ applications within trusted execution environments to transcend infrastructure risks; a process where vulnerability evolves into strength, and where the challenges of the digital realm find protection.

A tale of evolving duality

In Anjuna Seaglass lies a tale of duality: the delicate fragility of traditional cloud-hosted applications transformed into the robust endurance of applications thriving within secure enclaves. It's the narrative of transparency evolving into translucency, as data, once exposed in memory during processing, finds protection in every state - in use, at rest, and in transit.

A serene promise of tranquility and possibilities

Anjuna Seaglass evokes the serene promise of tranquility and boundless possibilities that all of us feel when staring at the ocean waves crashing against the beach, capturing the spirit of our mission to leverage complete data security and privacy as the foundation for thriving business innovation.