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Industry Challenges

The banking industry is undergoing a radical shift, driven by growing competition from FinTechs, increasing regulations, and disruptive technologies. Among the many challenges banks face, common ones include:

Attracting new customers
Modernizing IT infrastructure
Collecting and using data

Tech Initiatives

Bank CIOs and CTOs understand the importance of digital transformation and seek to improve their operations by prioritizing these technical initiatives:

  • Deliver modern experiences, particularly digital account opening
  • Migrate workloads from mainframes to the cloud
  • Analyze customer data to launch tailored offers

However, these efforts often require cloud solutions to be effective at scale, which banks have traditionally resisted due to ongoing concerns over security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

How Anjuna Helps

Anjuna alleviates these concerns by making it easy for banks to use a breakthrough technology in data security called Confidential Computing. This technology secures workloads as they’re being processed, keeping them private on any infrastructure, even untrusted ones.

Banks can now migrate their most sensitive workloads and data to the cloud to streamline operations and build cloudnative offerings to accelerate growth - with virtually no risk to data security


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To learn how Anjuna empowered a multinational bank to reduce its dependence on costly mainframe processing, please see the case studies at

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