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Industry Challenges

Blockchain is one of the most widely publicized developments in recent years. The prospect of transforming industries by decentralizing authority and democratizing data access is exciting, but challenges exist. For example, various cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms have faced:

Compliance and privacy concerns
Constant hacking attempts
Customer distrust

Tech Initiatives

Most platforms depend on the inherent safeguards in blockchain protocols, supplemented with proprietary mechanisms. However, CTOs and CISOs at blockchain organizations aren’t stopping there. They’re further minimizing both external and internal threats by:

  • Enhancing confidentiality for transactions and smart contracts
  • Ensuring validator nodes don’t run malicious code
  • Protecting keys, KMS, vaults, and multi-party compute (MPC) services

How Anjuna Helps

Blockchain organizations are using Anjuna software to quickly and easily implement a breakthrough technology in data security called Confidential Computing. This technology secures workloads at runtime, keeping applications and data private on any infrastructure, even untrusted ones.

Blockchain enterprises can now ensure data privacy and code integrity and offer customers virtually unhackable keys. Crypto and DeFi organizations with Confidential Computing ultimately reduce risk and strengthen their ability to attract consumers and institutional partners who demand a higher degree of security.


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To learn how Anjuna enabled a digital asset security platform to expand and better serve its customers on AWS by securing a critical service with Confidential Computing, please see the case studies at

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