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Confidential Computing momentum grows at AWS re:Invent 2022

re:Invent 2022 is a wrap! From the many insightful meetings with customers, to our field CTO, Domnick Eger, presentation, the thousands of demos at our booth and the lively public sector reception with Carahsoft, we had a blast and left more excited than ever about the response and interest in Confidential Computing.

Anjuna’s vision for confidential computing

Why is confidential computing so important? How will it change cloud infrastructure and security? These are common questions that we hear from customers that are starting their journey with Confidential Computing. Our co-founder and CEO, Ayal Yogev, joined the cast at theCube to discuss them and elaborate on Anjuna's role. The Cube’s host, Savannah Peterson and Paul Gillin, seizes the opportunity to discuss these topics with Ayal posing some great questions:

  • How is Anjuna able to serve the most notoriously security strict customers in the world, specifically referencing Israeli Minister of Defense?
  • How does confidential computing change the shared responsibility model with cloud service providers?
  • Where do you see confidential computing going in the next 2 - 5 years?

Watch the video below to hear what Ayal has to say.

AWS announcements and sessions on Nitro Enclaves

Nitro Enclaves are the foundational infrastructure for confidential computing on AWS. At re:Invent, Amazon announced several important product updates:

  1. support for Arm-based Graviton EC2 instances, adding to the already supported options such as Intel, AMD.
  2. support in AWS EKS for orchestrating Nitro Enclaves in Kubernetes
  3. AWS Nitro Enclaves is now available in more Asia Pacific regions (Osaka and Jakarta)

And allocated several interesting breakout sessions to Confidential Computing:

  1. Confidential computing with AWS compute - CMP302
  2. Powering Amazon EC2: Deep dive on the AWS Nitro System - CMP301
  3. Using AWS Nitro Enclaves for secure blockchain key management - BLC401
  4. Establishing trust with cryptographically attested identity - SEC316
  5. Enabling multi-party analysis of sensitive data using AWS Nitro Enclaves - CMP403
  6. Create your first AWS Nitro Enclaves application - COM204
  7. Building apps to isolate & process sensitive data with AWS Nitro Enclaves - CMP306-R

Anjuna unlocks the full potential of AWS Nitro Enclaves

Our goal at Anjuna is to make the adoption of confidential computing with Nitro Enclaves a no brainer for a wide range of applications. Our software platform provides essential capabilities to take any container application and without code changes run it fully secured in a high trust environment eliminating any additional development or operational overhead that would otherwise be needed.

To learn more check out Dom’s presentation, visit our website or join us for our live product demo

An introduction to Confidential Computing - PRT001

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