Microsoft invites Anjuna to upcoming HLTH and Cybertech NYC ‘22 conferences

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Nov 10, 2022
Anjuna has partnered with Microsoft to remove adoption barriers and make confidential computing a no-brainer without requiring application refactoring.

The combination of Azure economics, flexibility and resources with the ability to lock-down workloads with full data confidentiality in a high-trust environment is a game changer. Anjuna has partnered with Microsoft to remove adoption barriers and make confidential computing a no-brainer without requiring application refactoring. We continue to work closely, supporting Confidential Computing as a strategic initiative for Microsoft and we support them to help accelerate its adoption with customers across the world. To further this work, Microsoft has invited Anjuna to two upcoming conferences–HLTH and Cybertech NYC ‘22–to help lead discussions and continue educational activities.

Security is still a primary blocker for cloud adoption.

Despite the massive spend on security products, critical vulnerabilities have remained, making data breaches almost inevitable and full protection out of reach. The traditional security approach focused on perimeter defense and encryption of data in transit and at rest are insufficient because data in-use, secret 0 and zero-day vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited. It is not surprising to read that according to Microsoft itself, memory safety issues are the root cause of approximately 70% of security vulnerabilities that Microsoft fixes and assigns a CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). As modern applications are increasingly distributed and based on ephemeral infrastructure, the problem becomes an order of magnitude more complex to solve with traditional methods.

Anjuna: the easy button to high-trust cloud environments on Microsoft Azure

Anjuna’s mission is to close the security gap and make the public cloud the safest place to run business applications. Our breakthrough confidential computing platform transforms a hybrid-cloud into a high-trust environment where data is always encrypted and code is verified for authenticity. As a result, Anjuna customers maintain data confidentiality anywhere they run their apps and protect against a wide range of security risks, such as insider threats, secret zero exposure and zero-day exploits. Earlier this year, we announced support for Azure SGX infrastructure and have since seen tremendous interest from customers.

Anjuna’s partnership with Microsoft continues to gain momentum

Azure was the first cloud provider to offer confidential computing and continues to be a pioneer in this space. Enabling customers to adopt Azure’s confidential computing capabilities without disruption is our top priority. As such, we are very excited to have been invited by Microsoft to join forces in a couple of upcoming high-profile industry events:

HLTH 2022 (Nov 13-16 at Venetian Expo, Las Vegas) is the premier healthcare and life sciences event of the year. HLTH is known for being a gathering place where innovative members of the tech community demonstrate how they help make groundbreaking strides in the health field. Health and life science companies have long been limited in their use of cloud computing by data privacy and security constraints. At HLTH, we will showcase how the combination of Anjuna and Azure confidential computing enables healthcare organizations to safely move even the most sensitive applications to Azure with complete data privacy and without the need for expensive development work. You can find Anjuna within the Microsoft hub at the HLTH 2022.

Cybertech NYC is known for being at the forefront of illuminating cybersecurity solutions. If you’ll be attending stop by and meet our team at booth #204 or listen in to our speaking session by VP of Engineering Steve Van Lare - Accelerate cloud adoption by eliminating security risks with Anjuna Confidential Computing platform on Nov 15th between 10:30 - 11:00 AM EST.

As our partnership with Microsoft continues to grow, we look forward to being an integral part of their Confidential Computing ecosystem and aiding Azure customers in making their cloud environment the safest place to run their apps.

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