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International Bank Secures PII Data in Multi-Cloud Environment


Headquartered in Europe, this large, multinational bank’s investment activities generated nearly $30 billion in 2021 alone. The bank has been at the forefront of financing operations across the globe. In recent years, the bank has acquired a variety of other smaller financial institutions in addition to a diverse array of businesses. As the bank continues to expand their cloud strategy, they face new challenges to ensure data security by migrating legacy applications into the cloud.

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The bank’s Chief Information Officer issued a strategic order to move workloads to the cloud. With only 1% of workloads currently handled in a cloud environment, the plan is to increase the percentage to 10% within one year, and a further 20% the following year. With this decree, the challenges were twofold: first to implement air-tight encryption around company and customer personally identifiable information (PII), and second to migrate existing applications to the cloud. Maintaining mainframes to store customer data and inquiries were costly and soon to become unnecessary as the bank continued to move forward with its cloud-first charter.


The international bank operated under a multi-cloud architecture, leveraging AWS and Microsoft Azure as the preferred cloud vendors. To gain the needed level of security, the customer identified confidential computing technology to answer these needs. Trying to 
use this technology out-of-the-box is complex 
and expensive, requiring a substantial amount of labor making implementation impossible. The bank employed MongoDB for its database and HashiCorp Vault for key management containing its most sensitive data.

Costly On-Premise Datacenters


Instead of trying to bootstrap a confidential computing solution themselves, the bank turned to Anjuna Security’s Confidential Cloud software to do the heavy lifting. By leveraging the confidential computing technologies within AWS and Azure, Anjuna was able to seamlessly protect data, secure workloads, and ensure the security of legacy applications from acquired companies during their migration to the cloud. Critically, Anjuna added a hardened layer of security around HashiCorp Vault, secured all applications across the multi-cloud, and provided ironclad protection of PII data, all without recoding or refactoring applications.

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"With Anjuna, we were not only able to ensure we protected legacy applications and customer data, but we were also able to do it in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the operating costs. An absolute game-changer that helped us stay on top of our cloud-first mandate."

- CIO, Large International Bank


Now the bank can meet its aggressive digital transformation timeline without investing resources in creating an in-house solution or complicating its tech stack. Any new applications, cloud-native or on-premises, are instantly secure on day one without risking the security of any sensitive data, even when running in the public cloud as the institution moves more workloads to the cloud.