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Securing Secrets Management Against Insider Threats

Hashicorp Vault is one of the most popular secrets-management solutions available today. Hashicorp helps manage API keys, passwords, certificates, and other important information in one centralized location.

However, Vault, like many applications, leverages a master key that is exposed in plaintext in memory—making it easily accessible to insiders. With that master key, a bad actor can simply decrypt Vault secrets and gain unfettered access to protected assets.

Now there’s a simple way to prevent this kind of threat—on premises, or in private and hybrid clouds. Anjuna Confidential Cloud software protects Vault secrets on any server or cloud that support cloud computing or secure enclaves.


Making the Vault accessible only when running in a confidential cloud prohibits even an attacker with root-access from obtaining the authentication credentials. Anjuna also protects the auto-unseal process by encrypting key files with a seal key only accessible to a Vault running inside a secure enclave. This private key is protected at-rest and at runtime, eliminating any possibility of being stolen or a bad actor maliciously assuming the Vault’s identity.

And this broader level of protection is established instantly—without changes to application code, processes, or the use of SDKs.

Anjuna Confidential Cloud Software for Hashicorp is available for AWS, Azure, on-premises, and Hybrid clouds.


Anjuna Confidential Cloud software encrypts Vault’s full stack, thus preventing any administrator from gaining access to Vault keys.

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