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Clearance Jobs: The Biggest Threat to the Military May Not Be What You Think

Social media has changed the way that the conflict in Ukraine is being seen around the world, and it has allowed those on the frontlines to share videos and images. In addition, the mobile devices that most people around the world increasingly carry on a daily basis may have also played a role in allowing Ukrainian soldiers to track, target, and even take out high-ranking Russian officers.

“The advent of social media has created a whole other realm of over-sharing, tracking, and personal opinion narrative that can affect servicemembers’ careers and impact future endeavors and possible backlash around unpopular topics,” warned Domnick Eger, field chief technical officer (CTO) at Anjuna Security.

“Their security may also affect our nation and the critical systems they may be working with daily,” Eger told ClearanceJobs. “The threat to their livelihood and own personal safety is a significant burden they must shoulder, unlike the private industry.”

It’s also important to remember that whatever you post on the social platforms could be used in nefarious ways.

Read the article on Clearance Jobs for the full story.

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