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Cyber Protection Magazine: How to Protect Personal Data with Technology

Personal identity information (PII) management is made easier in the cloud. However, as everyone from users to multinational corporations standardize its usage, PII is more vulnerable than ever. Stopping the collection of PII by corporations and organizations is not an option, though many would like it to be. The data is just too important to commerce worldwide. Managing it internally is complicated by the lack of competent personnel, limitations on budget, and just not knowing what the first step to take should be. Dealing with that vulnerability is complicated and obtuse as “solutions” abound, but it can be broken down into two levels: personal and corporate.

All these technologies protect data stored (at rest) or in transit, but they may not be the best protection for data when it is used. That’s where companies, like Anjuna, come into play. Steven Van Lare, vice president of engineering, says their technology solves that problem by creating data enclaves, usually reserved for private cloud systems, and applies it to public cloud systems. Van Lare says financial institutions, in particular, have been leery of adopting public cloud structures specifically because their data is constantly in use. “Anjuna sets up a barrier between the infrastructure and the applications using the data allowing access only to authorized users.”

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