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Digital CxO: Scaling Up AI Businesses: What We've Learned So Far

Insight Partners’ investments in a few dozen artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) portfolio companies has enabled us to gain a broad perspective on the challenges these firms struggle with today, and how these challenges may evolve in the future. AI will likely have profound influence across many sectors. One way we can address supply and labor shortages is to intentionally slow down the economy using techniques such as substantially higher real interest rates. But another, less harmful approach could be to use AI to dramatically improve productivity.

Without sufficient protections, concerns around personal data and how it is used seems sure to limit some applications of AI. New techniques are emerging, such as federated multi-party computation, but these require expertise to implement today. Most of the public cloud vendors are investing heavily in the infrastructure to enable Confidential Computing, such as AWS Nitro Enclaves, Google Cloud Confidential Computing, and Azure Confidential Computing. Secure enclave hardware and associated easy-to-use confidential computing software platforms like Anjuna Security are seeing increasing adoption.

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