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IT Nerd: Cost of a Data Breach Average $15.01 Million: Black Kite

Black Kite has today released ‘The Cost of a Data Breach: A New Perspective’ which examines the impact of 2,400 cyber incidents between 2017-2022. The most notable takeaway being that of the 1,700 companies with a digital presence that could still be monitored, the overall average cost of a data breach is now over $15.01 Million.

None of those are trivial numbers. And Mark Bower, VP of Product Management for Anjuna Security had this to say:

“While many of the classical threats, including ransomware penetrate and devastate traditional on-premises servers and IT, the stakes are even higher with increasing cloud transformation driven by the need to handle more data, more analytics at a scale not previously possible. To avoid such projects becoming part of the trillion-dollar data breach debt, forward-thinking organizations are embracing completely new confidential computing models to essentially eliminate the new and vulnerable cloud attack surfaces. By embracing this, the most sensitive workloads can be executed with controls locked by cloud computing hardware itself – and highly resistant to attack from inside threats or external exploitation.”

Read the full blog on The IT Nerd.

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