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Anjuna and Intel: Enabling the Enterprise with Intel® SGX (Software Guard Extensions)

Anjuna and Intel have worked together to deliver simple and hardware-grade data and workload protection over public and private clouds. Anjuna’s software enables applications to run with SGX protection in minutes with no modifications or changes in dev/ops processes.

Anjuna Confidential Computing software leverages and extends Intel® SGX secure computing features to isolate existing applications and data from insiders and other threats—even those that gain root or administrative access. It also allows IT and cloud insiders to work free from unwanted exposure to sensitive information. The result is the simplest strongest workload protection available anywhere—on site or in the cloud.



SGX is available on Intel-based computing platforms and public cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, at no additional cost.

Intel has built support for SGX into every server, public cloud, container, virtualized machine, and more. Intel’s 3rd Gen Xeon® scalable processors (Ice Lake) dramatically improve the scalability and performance of Intel® SGX to handle the most demanding applications. 


 Anjuna Confidential Computing software leverages Intel® SGX secure computing features to protect data in use, at rest, and in motion—without disrupting existing IT teams or processes.

Confidential Computing Takes Data Security to a New Level

More than 20 industry leaders, including Intel and Anjuna, have come together to form the Confidential Computing Consortium to advance the adoption of confidential computing technologies. Learn more.

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