Protect Cloud Data and Applications Quickly and Simply

Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves for Azure confidential computing

Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves makes it quick and simple to protect cloud data and IP with Microsoft’s Azure confidential computing. 

Azure confidential computing leverages Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX)-enabled CPUs to establish secure enclaves that protect the confidentiality and integrity of data and applications while being processed in the public cloud. Within seconds, Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves can automatically establish a secure enclave that isolates and encrypts all application resources in runtime, at rest, and on the network. 

The result is the strongest full stack protection available. Anjuna’s “lift and shift” approach eliminates the need to work with ever-changing applications and software development kits (SDKs). And no changes to applications, recompilation, or operations are required.


Secure Enclaves and Confidential Computing Take Data Security to a New Level

More than 20 industry leaders, including Microsoft and Anjuna, have come together to form the Confidential Computing Consortium to advance the adoption of secure enclaves.  Enclave technology support is being built into every server, public cloud, container, virtualized machine, and more.  

Anjuna has a wide variety of offerings available today on the Azure Marketplace, for use with databases, secrets management, machine learning, microservices, blockchain, and more. Learn more.


Azure CTO Mark Russinovich talks about Azure confidential computing here.



“Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves bring simplicity and security to Azure, enabling enterprises to securely run even the most sensitive applications, powered by the Azure confidential computing infrastructure to protect data in use in the cloud.”

Vikas Bhatia

Head of Product for Azure confidential computing

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