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Protect Redis Data From Insider Attacks

with Anjuna Confidential Computing software

As the world’s most popular in-memory database, Redis powers thousands of enterprise e-commerce sites. Because Redis stores chunks of potentially sensitive data in memory as plaintext, that data is easily accessible to an insider or bad actor with access to servers, operating systems, and containers.

Now there’s a simple way to prevent this kind of threat. Anjuna and Redis Labs worked together to mitigate this common vulnerability by automatically creating a private environment that isolates and encrypts all Redis resources—in runtime, at rest, and on the network.

Redis Labs says Secure Enclaves Could Be The Future of Data Security. Read more.
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Protect Data on Redis
with Anjuna

Anjuna Makes it Safe and Simple

By isolating the application and its data, Anjuna Confidential Computing software protects the data in Redis databases without changing application code, processes, or the use of SDKs.

Anjuna Confidential Computing software for Redis is available for AWS, Azure, on-premise or hybrid clouds.


“Redis Enterprise is now even more secure when automatically encrypted with Anjuna Confidential Computing software."

Yiftach Shoolman

Redis Labs co-founder AND CTO

See the power of protection for yourself.

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