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Secure Applications and Customer
Data on a Hybrid SaaS Platform


This SaaS company came on the scene in 2014 with a cloud-native data platform. The SaaS provider offers solutions tailored to various industries from finance and insurance, retail and e-commerce, to gaming and government. Organizations around the globe rely on this platform to harness the power of flowing data to fuel innovation, whether in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

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The SaaS provider’s application uses a Java Proxy known as a gateway that resides on-premises with their customers and needs to move the proxy service to the cloud.  To do so, the company must secure this proxy as it connects to the cloud and protects its customers’ data from unauthorized access. The provider must also migrate quickly and seamlessly to deliver results to its customers, making performance a vital aspect of the solution.


AWS is the preferred cloud for the SaaS supplier, with EC2 instances running on Nitro Enclaves. The enclaves already provide a good foundation for running various applications more cost-effectively than on-premises. The company sought an easy way to leverage Confidential Computing capabilities today and into the future when it transitions to Kubernetes in a multi-cloud environment.

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The company selected Anjuna to run the Java Proxy inside a private environment within AWS without refactoring the application. Initial tests conducted by the SaaS provider showed that the end-to-end process had minimal impact on overall performance when the proxy ran securely in the cloud. In addition, Anjuna’s software can scale with the company’s multi-cloud plan, which no other solution on the market can support.

Secure SaaS applications on AWS

"Confidential Computing is a quantum leap for security. Everything ran out-of-the-box—it simply worked the way Anjuna said it would. The slight loss in overall speed is more than offset by the hardened level of security we can now offer our customers."

- CISO, SaaS Provider


The SaaS provider is pleased with the ease of implementation needed to gain this heightened level of security that Confidential Computing provides. The SaaS platform is now fortified to ensure its customers can stream data in a hardened private environment with low latency on AWS without changing the proxy, locking out unauthorized access to customer data. As a result, the SaaS supplier believes that offering this new, more secured environment to their current service is essential for building brand and customer trust.