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Salesbricks Secures
Confidential Client Data


A global startup with offices in the United States and South Korea, Salesbricks was founded on the simple idea that B2B and enterprise software sales do not need to be complicated. The core of the Salesbricks ethos is to make the software selling process seamless and delightful for parties on both sides of the transaction. With a rapidly growing team and customer base, Salesbricks is ready to digitize the B2B and enterprise software selling space.



As a SaaS company, Salesbricks' chief concern was securing customer data. In addition, the company is an up-and-coming challenger for large and complex incumbent solutions in the same industry space, but with neither the time nor resources to devote to implementing a reliable security solution to protect their data in the cloud.


Leveraging AWS as the cloud provider of choice, Salesbricks relied on Kubernetes for workload orchestration and DevOps operations. This is a classic combination that many companies adopt for the speed and scale that Kubernetes provides and the reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of AWS.



To secure its sensitive customer data, Salesbricks selected Anjuna Confidential Computing software to rapidly protect workloads in the cloud. With Anjuna, the deployment was simple. Salesbricks clients are now protected at the cloud level within its entire AWS instance, minimizing the attack surface even further. These additional safeguards provide Salesbricks clientele with the peace of mind that their confidential data is held with the strictest confidence and the foremost emphasis on data privacy.


"Working with the Anjuna team, we were able to secure our AWS environment in minutes, not months, and protect our customer’s sensitive data across every tenant. Secured by Anjuna is a badge of honor for us that our customers can trust."

-John Louis Swaine, CTO, Salesbricks


From the outset, it was clear that Anjuna would be able to deliver the kind of data security and privacy Salesbricks needed, and from there, it was as straightforward as watching a product demo, purchasing online, and going live. With Anjuna Confidential Computing software, Salesbricks now leverages the hardware-level encryption available in AWS without needing to rewrite software. Customer data is protected when run within the secure enclave created by Anjuna without compromising performance at scale.

Already in compliance with the strict regulatory requirements of their space, Salesbricks used their adoption of secure-enclave computing to demonstrate to customers both their fanatical commitment to data security and their desire to lead their space into the next decade of cyber security compliance.