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Advanced Data Security and Privacy in a Multi-Party Computation Environment


A national bank headquartered on the east coast of the United States can trace its roots back to the turn of the century. Since its inception, it has become one of the leading financial institutions in the country, with a customer base of nearly 10% of the US population. It has extended operations in every corner of the globe. It is responsible for transacting millions of dollars daily, with total assets of over $1 trillion across commercial, wealth management, and investment banking.



As banking has become predominately digital, the financial institution built a platform to better identify and defend against criminals defrauding their clientele using credit card data. To ensure the highest possible accuracy in detecting fraudulent charges, the bank wants to work with other financial institutions in a multi-party computation (MPC) environment to cast as broad a net as possible. Yet the bank cannot risk exposing its clients' personally identifiable information (PII) to the other institutions on the platform or any unauthorized insiders or third parties in the cloud.


The bank first built a proprietary MPC application with the underpinnings of a SQL database and housed it on an Azure instance.  The bank also leveraged HashiCorp Vault for key management, offering a tried-and-true level of protection against outside attack vectors. To secure personal data while in use, the company explored the capabilities of Intel SGX secure enclaves to protect the MPC application and HashiCorp Vault further.



Seeking to harden the security of PII in the cloud, the bank turned to Anjuna to bring secure, enclave-grade protection on Azure leveraging Intel SGX. The institution used Anjuna Confidential Cloud Software to add a layer of airtight security around the proprietary MPC application and reinforce Vault's already best-in-class key management. Anjuna made securing the bank’s MPC solution and HashiCorp Vault fast and easy with no changes to the code of either application and with minimal performance impact on the applications.


"Anjuna took the guesswork out of strengthening our data security and allowed us to add secure enclaves into our environment quickly. Our customer data remains protected from other banks, cloud admins, and insiders, and we still can cooperate with other institutions to identify fraudulent activities."

- National Bank, CISO


With the advanced protection of Anjuna Confidential Cloud Software in place on Azure, the bank enlisted other banking institutions to join in its initiative to prevent fraud. All parties now safely contribute transaction data from their respective customer bases without the risk of accidentally exposing PII. Furthermore, anyone with access to the public cloud, even with root access, cannot steal customer information. The bank and associated financial institutions are one step closer to stopping fraud wherever it occurs.