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Venafi: Machine Identity Management


Venafi is a Leader in Machine Identity Protection

Companies use Venafi to secure machine identities--the cryptographic keys and digital certificates on which they depend to deliver safe machine-to-machine connections and communications.

Simplifying and Securing Machine Identity Management

Venafi distributes private keys and certificates to client applications under its management. If those hosts are compromised, an attacker can obtain those private keys, corrupting the integrity of the entire network of systems. These communications and systems benefit greatly from additional protection.


Learn more about how Anjuna and Venafi have come together to deliver a new way to manage machine identities here.


Encrypting Venafi Keys with Anjuna

When security teams deploy Venafi to manage machine identities, they often consider hardware security modules (HSMs) which are complex to deploy, especially in cloud environments.

Anjuna solves this problem for DevOps, cloud, and security teams by leveraging local processor security features to secure the software, networks and certificates that make up the Venafi system.

The resulting integration provides not only a simplified and more flexible deployment, but the strongest full stack protection available, by securing the end consumer of these machine identities--ensuring they never exist in clear text.


“Our partnership with Anjuna enables Venafi to offer a simple hardware-grade, end-to-end secure infrastructure for distributing and using Venafi machine identities.”

Kevin Bocek

Vice President, Security Strategy & Threat Intelligence

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