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What Is a Confidential Cloud?

A Private Cloud Built Within Public Cloud Infrastructure

The Confidential Cloud is a secure confidential computing environment formed within one or more public clouds. Applications, data, and workloads within a Confidential Cloud construct are protected by a combination of hardware-grade encryption, memory isolation, and other services that assure workload, data, and platform integrity.

Confidential Clouds are created on-demand at runtime. Workloads and data operate completely cloaked from insiders, bad actors, and malicious processes—keeping all aspects of a workload secure even in the event of a physical host breach.

Anjuna Confidential Computing software converts public clouds to confidential clouds with the strongest protection available, transforming any public cloud into the safest place for computing. Anjuna's software allows applications and whole environments to work within a confidential cloud formation with no modification.

Added layers of software abstraction and virtualization have the advantage of making the confidential cloud itself agnostic to the numerous proprietary enclave technologies and versions developed by Intel, AMD, Amazon, and ARM.

Any Application Instantly Secured

Anjuna Confidential Computing software abstracts security away from proprietary hardware and public cloud implementations, simplifying both cloud migration and multi-cloud deployments. Virtually any applications—custom or packaged—deploy and operate within a Confidential Cloud as-is. No SDKs, no recompiling, and no re-architecting required. 

Prepare for the Move to Confidential Cloud

Ask your team these questions:

  • How do you protect your sensitive applications and data in the public cloud? 
  • What are your cloud providers doing to address ongoing insider threats?
  • Do you have third party exposure—either within your datacenter or through a cloud provider?
  • How do you protect your applications and data in untrusted geographies?
  • Are you concerned with the possibility a government subpoena might demand access to customer data?
  • Are you willing to re-write applications to take advantage of confidential cloud technologies? 
  • How important will it be to have a solution that can automatically move key applications and data into a secure environment—without rewrites or SDKs?

Attack Surfaces Eliminated from Insiders and Bad Actors by Default

A Confidential Cloud created with Anjuna Software has virtually no data attack surface. Workloads are isolated in hardware, making them invisible to bad actors and malware. Unlike software-based security and key management systems, keys and other critical artifacts are never accessible through exposed memory.

Anjuna’s Confidential Computing software deploys invisibly as part of cloud infrastructure, far below user and IT processes. This allows IT staff to work without disruption, completely isolated from sensitive data—reducing risk and increasing productivity.


All Data Protected Everywhere

Anjuna Confidential Computing software protection extends everywhere data is used—eliminating the excess access that amplifies insider risk in public clouds. All data, even while stored and networked, is validated and isolated using hardware-rooted, externally managed encryption keys and complete isolation to fully mitigate even common memory-based attacks.

Enterprise-Ready Today

Anjuna software extends across multiple public cloud providers to seamlessly protect the combination of legacy, packaged, and highly distributed cloud-native applications that often make up an enterprise portfolio.

Anjuna software integrates seamlessly into existing IT management systems and processes. Simple deployment and virtualization make it easy for IT staff to quickly transform vulnerable applications and data into tightly controlled resources in minutes. Third-party integrations and APIs enable IT organizations to leverage their investment in key, SIEM, CARTA, Kubernetes and other systems.


Learn how to make your data secure by default