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Anjuna and AWS Nitro Enclaves: Move Sensitive Data to the Cloud.

We’re pleased to announce that Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves support AWS Nitro Enclaves, announced today by AWS.

Over the last year, we’ve collaborated closely with Amazon to make AWS Nitro Enclaves adoption as simple and seamless as possible, to ensure AWS customers maintain direct, exclusive control of their cloud data and applications. This will open remarkable new opportunities for enterprises to confidently migrate applications to AWS and simultaneously dramatically reduce data-related cyber risks.

As we’ve detailed in previous blog posts, secure enclave technologies address one of the most vexing flaws in enterprise computing: Data cannot be easily used and secured simultaneously at scale.

Enclave-enabling technologies such as Nitro Enclaves close this fundamental vulnerability, offering the opportunity to secure data while eliminating exposure to operations insiders. AWS Nitro Enclaves enable customers to isolate into an enclave such highly sensitive data as personally identifiable information (PII), healthcare, financial, and intellectual property within their Amazon EC2 instances. 

Customers come to Anjuna for a simple way to get their applications and data into the secure confines of an enclave. Anjuna’s ‘lift and shift’ approach now enables applications to run within the secure confines of AWS Nitro Enclaves with no changes to applications, recompilation, or operations required. This extends AWS Nitro Enclaves into a general-purpose solution that supports legacy, custom, and commercial off-the shelf applications as is. IT can simply lift and shift virtually any application into the secure confines of Nitro Enclaves—without modifications.

Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves software also enables features critical for enterprise adoption, such as centralized lifecycle management and integration with other IT operational systems. This means enterprises can finally feel safe migrating all of their data and applications to the cloud. 

Anjuna Enterprise software for Nitro Enclaves will be available by the end of 2020 directly from Anjuna or the AWS Marketplace.

AWS Nitro Enclaves

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