Anjuna Seaglass: The Privacy Platform for Government

Anjuna Seaglass: The Privacy Platform for Government
Domnick Eger
Field Chief Technology Officer
Published on
Dec 19, 2023
Anjuna Seaglass, our revolutionary Universal Confidential Computing Platform, isn't just an innovation; it's a shield against the rising tide of cyber threats faced by governments.

An escalating series of high-profile data breaches by nation-state actors targeting sensitive and confidential data resources validate the need for governments to adopt and implement security systems designed to protect and secure these databases where they are most vulnerable. The bureaucratic systems defining and implementing information security regulations and policies churn slowly, leaving sensitive data exposed and vulnerable despite commercially available solutions to secure these gaps. 

The Anjuna Seaglass platform is uniquely situated to enable governments to implement several cutting-edge data security capabilities within their enterprise today: 

  • Trusted Execution Environments
  • Attestation
  • Data-in-Use encryption and protection
  • Multi-cloud and multi-tenant confidential computing

Before we explore the potential of Anjuna Seaglass further, it's essential to grasp the severity of current challenges by looking at some significant government data breaches and their far-reaching consequences:

Example of Historical Breaches in Government: 

  • Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Breach: One of the most significant breaches in US history occurred when the OPM was compromised, exposing the sensitive personal information of over 22 million people. This breach led to identity theft and posed a national security threat, as the data included detailed security clearance information.
  • Estonian Cyber Attacks: Estonia's digital infrastructure suffered a massive series of cyber attacks in 2007, crippling government, financial, and media networks. This highlighted the vulnerabilities in national infrastructures and the need for resilient cybersecurity measures.
  • UK National Health Service (NHS) Ransomware Attack: The WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017 severely impacted the NHS, disrupting healthcare services nationwide. This incident underscored the critical need for secure and robust IT systems in public health sectors.
  • Australian Parliament Cyber Attack: In 2019, the Australian Parliament's computer network experienced a sophisticated cyber attack, indicating a significant security vulnerability in the nation’s political system and raising concerns about foreign interference.

The Need for a Paradigm Shift: Trusted Execution Environments

Given this landscape of cybersecurity challenges, we are at a pivotal moment. We must recognize that protecting citizen privacy is not merely an optional addition but the foundation of a healthy economy and a democratic society. Against this backdrop, Anjuna Seaglass is a promising solution, bringing innovative and necessary tools to build Trusted Execution Environments. It's a solution that governments worldwide must consider and adopt swiftly. Anjuna Seaglass' cutting-edge security capabilities aim to tackle the weaknesses highlighted by these breaches, representing a significant move towards a governance model that's both more secure and more respectful of individual privacy. The key benefits are listed below to highlight each layer.

Attestation: The First Line of Defense

Attestation in computing is akin to a sentry at the gate: it ensures that only authorized code and data operate in a secure environment. This means airtight security measures that verify and validate every operation for government systems. Anjuna Seaglass advanced attestation mechanisms provide this critical layer of trust, ensuring that the integrity of the computing environment remains unbreached. This is not just a technical necessity; it's a covenant of trust between the government and its citizens.

Data-In-Use Encryption: A Game-Changer

Traditionally, data is encrypted at rest and in transit. However, Anjuna Seaglass takes this a step further with in-use encryption. This means that data remains encrypted even while being processed, an essential feature in a world where cyber threats are ever-evolving. For government agencies handling sensitive citizen data, in-use encryption isn't just a luxury—it's a mandate to protect the rights and privacy of individuals.

Multi-Cloud Strategy: Flexibility Meets Security

Governments often rely on a multi-cloud approach for greater flexibility and redundancy. Anjuna Seaglass is the first universal confidential computing platform, which means it seamlessly integrates with multiple cloud environments, ensuring consistent security across various infrastructures. This multi-cloud capability empowers governments to choose their cloud providers without compromising the security and privacy of citizen data.

Functional Awareness and People Identification

Accurately identifying and authenticating individuals is paramount in a landscape teeming with digital interactions. Anjuna's approach to functional awareness in people identification respects the individual's right to privacy while maintaining the highest security standards. By leveraging sophisticated identification mechanisms, governments can ensure that services are delivered securely and efficiently to the right individuals, upholding convenience and confidentiality.

The Importance of PETS (Privacy Enhancing Technologies Services)

As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, adopting Confidential Computing by governments worldwide is not just an option but an imperative, as stated by the Biden administration’s latest executive order about safe AI development. Governments can safeguard citizen privacy and data security by embracing attestation, in-use encryption, a multi-cloud strategy, and advanced people identification methods. Let's collectively strive toward a future where citizen privacy is the cornerstone of our digital economy and governance.

If you are ready to evaluate what Confidential Computing can do for you, register for the Anjuna Seaglass 30 day free trial.  

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