Announcing Anjuna Seaglass™ - The First Universal Confidential Computing Platform

Announcing Anjuna Seaglass™ - The First Universal Confidential Computing Platform
Ayal Yogev
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Board member
Published on
Nov 28, 2023
Today's digital environment of cyber threats increasingly emphasizes safeguarding sensitive data as an essential business requirement at all scales, from startups to established global powerhouses.

Anjuna envisions a secure world where any application can run in any environment without concerns about trust. In this world, where applications and data can be effectively processed in a sealed and trusted walled garden with the highest levels of security, attackers and insiders even with the top level of privilege will be thwarted from causing the damage that leaves organizations exposed today with huge risk and compliance burden. These incredible privacy properties also allow for free data sharing and collaboration without restrictions, which is a key enabler for secure and trustworthy development of emerging artificial intelligence applications. 

To help us reach this goal, we are announcing Anjuna Seaglass, the first Universal Confidential Computing Platform. Anjuna Seaglass is the identity of our former Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform, and we have exciting news about it.

In support of elastic cloud-native deployments, Anjuna has supported AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for some time. Today we are announcing support for Kubernetes-managed applications on:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) – available in early Q1 2024 and 
  • Google Kubernetes Service (GKE) – available in the first half of 2024

And to provide any organization the opportunity to experience our platform, we are excited to announce that Anjuna Seaglass is available now with a 30-day free trial

With these new capabilities, we are completing our goal of developing a universal platform capable of creating trusted execution environments that are:

  • Infrastructure agnostic: you can deploy on all major clouds: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud; and on all server chipsets: Intel SGX and AMD SEV-SNP supported today – Intel TDX and NVIDIA H100 to be supported as soon as they become available.
  • Application agnostic: you can run traditional, containerized, and Kubernetes-managed applications, as well as emerging ML & AI workloads; no code changes required.

And that provide:

  • Intrinsic security across data states: isolate and protect data at all times with encryption in use, at rest, and in transit.
  • Granular trust controls: manage trust policies at the application level and always ensure that code runs unmodified with our remote attestation capabilities.

The breakthrough promise of Confidential Computing

At Anjuna, we believe that attempting to prevent cyberattacks at the perimeter is pointless. Hackers are simply evolving too quickly. And detect-and-response technology only addresses the problem once it’s too late. Confidential computing is a breakthrough category of hardware-enabled infrastructure security that provides the ultimate solution to this problem. Every major cloud provider now has confidential computing instances available to keep data completely isolated and protected. Even in the event of a breach, the data processed by applications running in these environments is invisible to attackers. Imagine a robber who breaks into a house, only to find that every item, from the toothbrushes to the family jewels, is locked in an ironclad, tamper-proof safe that is bolted several feet into the ground. 

Challenges leading to untapped potential

Confidential computing is a breakthrough in security, a transformative paradigm shift. It’s the antidote to flimsy, band-aid solutions that have historically crowded the industry and prevented real progress. It empowers companies to finally adopt the public cloud with complete confidence. Yet its full potential remains untapped due to the legwork required for adoption at the enterprise scale. To reap the benefits, companies must re-code individual applications for every server infrastructure and every cloud service. This DIY approach can take thousands of highly specialized developer hours. As a result, adoption remains hindered and enterprises continue to find themselves in the usual dilemma: move quickly to innovate in the cloud, but risk adopting new vulnerabilities in the process — or remain somewhat “secure” on-premises, but fall behind competitors. 

Embracing a new era of cloud security

It doesn’t have to be this way. Just like VMware virtualized the x86 server back in the 2000s to unlock its full potential, Anjuna Seaglass abstracts away all the operational complexity from the many underlying confidential computing technologies and cloud implementation models to make these environments accessible in minutes (rather than years), and adds powerful data protection and cryptographic code-attestation capabilities to elevate trust to the maximum level. 

The result? 

  • Code that is tamper-proof
  • Data that’s protected in every state
  • Applications that run in every major cloud, regardless of their architecture 

Anjuna’s breakthrough approach understands security as an integral element of the cloud compute fabric—not an afterthought, or an add-on to appease corporate boards post-breach. And crucially, the universal nature of our platform reflects the importance of flexibility and scalability for confidential computing to thrive. By removing critical barriers to adoption, Anjuna Seaglass ensures that organizations can tear down the guardrails surrounding data sharing and finally innovate with no bounds. Companies of all kinds— financial services, blockchain, SaaS and government—gain the freedom to run any application anywhere in the world with airtight data security. And as the world continues to embrace the transformative power of AI, the incorporation of confidential computing into enterprise environments stands as an imperative step for the safe development of this inevitable new reality.  

In the future, confidential computing will become simply computing, and Anjuna is paving the way.

Sign up for our free trial, or contact us to get you started with Anjuna Seaglass.

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