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SmashEx Not a Problem for Anjuna Customers

Anjuna Confidential Computing software protects Intel Software Guard Extension (SGX) customers from SmashEx attack.

A group of researchers announced they have compromised Intel SGX secure enclaves based on flaws in software developer kit (SDK) software from Intel and Microsoft.(1)

Anjuna does not use the Intel or Microsoft SDK software, and thus isolated environments created by Anjuna in the cloud are not exposed to SmashEx.

Enterprises that use Anjuna’s Confidential Computing software have never been vulnerable to SmashEx, or other attacks on SDK software.

Anjuna Security makes the public cloud secure for business. Software from Anjuna Security effortlessly enables enterprises to safely run even their most sensitive workloads in the public cloud. With Anjuna software running applications in Intel SGX-based secure enclaves is both simple and totally secure.


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