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Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves Now Available for Redis

Users of Redis now have a simple way to prevent insiders or bad actors from gaining unauthorized access to Redis databases through infrastructure such as servers, operating systems, and containers.


Today, Anjuna announces that we are partnering with Redis Labs to make Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves for open source Redis databases available on Microsoft’s Azure confidential computing platform and directly from Anjuna immediately.

Redis is the world’s most popular in-memory database—powering thousands of enterprise e-commerce sites. Redis stores chunks of potentially sensitive data in memory as plaintext, making this a prime target for potential attacks.

Secure enclaves ensure Redis users maintain the highest levels of security. Support for secure enclaves is now available for both on-premises and cloud-based servers.

Secure enclaves provide CPU hardware-level memory encryption on every server by isolating application code and data from anyone—regardless of administrative privileges—and encrypting its memory.

Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves takes the work out of implementing secure enclaves. With Anjuna, there’s no need to recode or recompile applications, to use SDKs, or change operating processes. Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves enable the encryption of both storage and network data for simple full stack security—on-premises and in the cloud.

Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves for Redis now available on the Microsoft Azure confidential computing marketplace or directly from Anjuna.

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Redis Labs say Secure Enclaves Could be the Future of Data Security

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