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Confidential Computing
in one command line
$ anjuna-[your-cloud]run [your-application]


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Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform

Run Your Workloads With Complete Data Privacy

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Our breakthrough platform transforms your hybrid-cloud into a high-trust environment where data is always encrypted and code is verified for authenticity.

Your workloads stay confidential and trusted during execution, so that you can embrace the cloud and innovate faster without the threat of code and data exposure.

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Why Anjuna For Confidential Computing

Migrate to the Cloud
Migrate to the Cloud with Privacy Control

Confidential Computing allays many concerns over data privacy, security, and regulations that keep organizations from fully using the cloud.

Collaborate in New Ways
Collaborate in New Ways

Different parties, even competitors, can combine and analyze data to solve common problems while ensuring the privacy of each other’s data.

Eliminate Data Risk
Eliminate Data Exposure Risk

Run your applications and process your data with privacy, making them invisible to attackers, insiders, malware, and even cloud providers.

Build Differentiated Products
Build Differentiated Products

Build and sell a product with enhanced security and privacy features to address a new customer segment while creating a competitive advantage for enterprise and web3 businesses.

How It Works

Build with no code changes

  • Convert containers into hardened enclave-ready images with zero code changes
  • Compatible with leading public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Ready for Kubernetes

Deploy with trust to the hybrid cloud

  • Create unique application fingerprints for cryptographic attestation of code authenticity
  • Secure applications and code in seconds on-premise or in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Eliminate secret zero vulnerabilities with Anjuna Trusted Start

Run in Anjuna Confidential Runtime

  • Run workloads with always-on end-to-end encryption
  • Maximize utilization with Anjuna Performance Optimizer
  • Easily troubleshoot and monitor with debug-mode, events and logs

Trust with policy-based verification

  • Store secrets in attestation-aware Anjuna Policy Manager
  • Securely distribute secrets to trusted applications with verified fingerprints
  • Integrate with 3rd party KMS
Trusted by Leading Organizations Worldwide

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