Make the Public Cloud Absolutely Private

Computing in the Cloud is a
breach waiting to happen.

But not anymore.

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The Anjuna Confidential Cloud Platform

Nearly 70% of CISOs say the public cloud is unsafe, because sensitive data is exposed to insiders and other threats. Hackers now focus on public clouds and creative breaches bypass security perimeters. Despite layers and layers of protection, sensitive enterprise data remains naked, vulnerable, and exposed.

Now there’s a way to eliminate cloud data overexposure—once and for all.

Private Clouds over Public Infrastructure

The Confidential Cloud is a hardware-grade secure computing environment built on public cloud infrastructure. Confidential Clouds use physical hardware-grade cryptographic isolation to build secure computing resources within public clouds. Created on demand, a Confidential Cloud cloaks workloads and data from insiders, bad actors, and malicious processes--even a physical machine breach.


Instant and Absolute Data Privacy

Anjuna Confidential Cloud software makes using the hardware-grade secure enclave technologies available on AWS, Azure, and public clouds effortless to everyone. All applications, including databases, AI platforms, custom code and packaged, gain the strongest and most complete hardware-grade protections of running code, stored data and networked communications available, instantly when they run.


Disruptive Security without the Disruption

Anjuna dramatically improves workload security without disrupting business continuity by working quietly behind the scenes—with no impact on applications, automation, or IT staff. Much like virtualization, no recoding or process changes are required. Anjuna software is enterprise-ready to secure and scale over private, multi-cloud, and cloud-native Kubernetes-based environments.


Safest in the Public Cloud

The Confidential Cloud transforms the public cloud into the safest place to compute—demonstrably safer than even on-site data centers. Workloads and data are encrypted and isolated at the hardware-level—virtually eliminating the workload attack surface. CSP staff, hackers and hostile code can’t see data, even as it’s being used. You no longer have to worry about data security, even when workloads are sent into untrusted or hostile computing environments.


Can the Cloud Really be More Secure Than On-Prem?

The economics of moving to the cloud are compelling, yet over 70% of CISOs won’t make the move because they believe it isn’t safe. That’s changing. Read this new report from 451 Research.

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