Confidential Computing in one command line

$ anjuna-[your-cloud]run [your-application]

Easily transform your hybrid-cloud into a high-trust environment where data is always encrypted and code is verified for authenticity.

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Easily create a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Abstract the instantiation of a TEE (secure enclave) to isolate data, code, and secrets. Anjuna virtualizes modern CPUs and cloud infrastructure services to offer hardware-enforced isolation that protects from unauthorized access by users or software, regardless of privilege level.

Benefit from cloud economics for all your apps.
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Encrypt data in all three states.

Secure sensitive workloads by ensuring that data is always encrypted. Anjuna implements a confidential runtime to enable data-in-use encryption inside the TEE, and control at-rest and in-transit encryption to prevent vulnerabilities as data leaves the confidential computing environment.

Make data privacy intrinsic to your public cloud environment.
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Authenticate the identity of your code.

Create a high-trust environment by ensuring both your infrastructure and applications can be trusted before they are allowed to boot. Anjuna uses a cryptographic attestation policy manager to orchestrate the secure distribution of secrets to applications inside the enclave.

Maintain control of the chain of trust of your code.
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Secure apps across clouds without rework.

Run and manage all applications, traditional and cloud-native, on all the leading public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP) without requiring code changes and using a consistent operational model. Learn more about Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform.

Establish operational consistency without compromising security.
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Customer Success

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Enclave-level Protection for Multi-Party Computation for Digital Asset Custody

"Anjuna provided the level of security we envisioned for our Parfin MPC Custody system. Now, we can ensure our customers’ distributed key shares are protected by an additional layer of secure enclaves that wasn’t possible without Anjuna."

- Alex Buelau
CTO & Co-Founder, Parfin
World-class Data Protection, Securing Customer Keys in the Cloud

"Sometimes it feels like you need a Ph.D. to navigate the deeply technical and complex world of configuring and using secure enclaves. Anjuna makes it as simple as counting to 10."

Jameel Al-Aziz
Software Architect, Paradigm
International Bank Securely Scales Customer-Facing Cloud Service with Anjuna

"With Anjuna, we were not only able to move to the cloud while protecting customer data, but we could also do it in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the operating costs. An absolute game-changer that helped us stay on top of our cloud-first mandate."

CIO, Large International Bank

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