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What Is Confidential Computing and Why Is It Important for Enterprises

What is Confidential Computing?

From a technical perspective, Confidential Computing has put focus on technology securing data in use, specifically by securing memory, in the effort to eliminate data’s fatal flaw. Confidential Computing is an approach that uses secure enclave technology to enable the creation of a trusted execution environment (TEE) based on security features provided by CPU vendors. This includes encryption/decryption within the CPUs, memory and data isolation, and other security features that vary by CPU vendor.

That’s an important focus, but it leaves the problem of how to make this technology available and useable by actual businesses. Other technologies will need to be built into the confidential computing framework to enable businesses to realize the potentially significant security benefits, for example, new secure cloud infrastructure.

Privacy and Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing has gained traction over the last few years for privacy and data security initiatives, largely due to two major events. First, was the establishment of the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) in late 2019, under the auspices of The Linux Foundation. The member list, which includes Microsoft, Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, as well as Anjuna Security, has doubled over the last year to dozens of vendors.  

Second, major industry players have announced offerings in this space. Microsoft Azure adopted confidential computing as the formal name for their Azure confidential computing cloud service offering. Google recently introduced Google Cloud Confidential Computing with Confidential VMs. 

How Can Enterprises Adopt Confidential Computing? 

Anjuna® Confidential Computing software is one such starting point. Anjuna's software takes foundational confidential computing technologies and extends them to create private isolated environments in which applications that generally need storage and network communication can run as-is, and run without modification. Even more importantly, Anjuna's software enables these applications to operate independently of the underlying technology, which allows wider deployments across multiple cloud vendors. This creates an easy on-ramp to virtually any confidential computing technology for any business whether on-prem, hybrid, or cloud-native.

Learn more on how to secure sensitive workloads here.

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